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For almost 13 years, WHC SOLAR has been manufacturing the most proficient off-grid solar water pumps accessible on the market. Using branded components and stainless steel materials, our solar-powered water pumps are made and tested to pump water of up to 17,000L per hour and with long-lasting durability.
Proud of our reliability, workmanship, and one-stop customization service, we have set up successful solar irrigation pump projects in Zambia, Dubai, Myanmar, Philippines, and many other countries around the world. We first get to know your challenges and your specific needs for solar pumps. And our expert team will help provide the most suitable resolutions, from residential to commercial solar water irrigation pumps.

Types of Solar Water Pumps Supplied by WHC

As a leading one-stop solar water pump company in China, we supply reliable off-grid solar water pump solutions for farms, irrigation, and domestic water supply.
DC Solar Water Pump

Our brushless solar submersible & surface pumps for irrigation are durable and ultra robust, utilizing only the best stainless steel and components like 100% copper coils.

DC Solar Water Pump
  • DC Brushless Screw Solar Water Pump
  • AC/DC Brushless Centrifugal Solar Water Pump
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Features of WHC Solar Powered Water Pumps


Intelligent Water Shortage Protection

When water is in short supply, the pump controller will shut off automatically, then be triggered to automatically start working 30 minutes later, making sure a safe and consistent water supply for irrigation.


Strong Motors for Solar Water Pumps

Our motor coils are made of 100% pure copper and created by centralized winding technology, improving the motor's efficiency drastically. Also, pump motors are equipped with a die-cast aluminum made body, ensuring the high pumping performance.


Superior Raw Materials

The solar water pumps we provide are made out of premium materials. 316 and 304 stainless steel for heightened longevity and resistance to corrosion. The inlet, outlet, pump body, and impeller are all crafted with brass to ensure durability.


Increased Efficiency by 15%-20%

By utilizing a Permanent magnet DC brushless synchronous motor, the efficiency of our solar water pump is increased by 15% - 20%. This aids in cutting down on solar panel consumption and saving irrigation cost.


High Efficiency

Our energy-efficient solar-powered water pumps are equipped with strong motors and wear-resistant shafts. WHC’s solar water pumps are simple to utilize for a pumping efficiency of up to 17,000L/H.


Intelligent Design

Our off-grid solar irrigation pumps have an MPPT controller and feature an LCD display to clearly showcase the operation status, as well as automatically initiate and halt working. In addition, it is designed with IP65 waterproofing and is leak-proof.

Why Choose WHC Solar Irrigation Pumps?

We are a knowledgeable solar irrigation pump manufacturer with rich experience in solar water pumping technology that helps us stay on schedule and within budget when completing your solar water pump projects.
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Own Brand

We have our own brand “WHC SOLAR” which is famous at home and abroad, and our mission is to let the world not lack electricity.
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Product Design Patents

Currently, we have 9 solar product design patents, regional market protection, to help our global partners become unique solar battery dealers in the market.
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Automatic Production Lines

Automatic production equipment, complete your OEM solar water pump order with quality and quantity.
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Government's Projects Experience

We have accomplished several government projects in different nations, including Nigeria and Tanzania, due to our high quality and reasonable price.

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