High Frequency Inverter

Why High Frequency Inverter

What is Solar High Frequency Inverter

High-frequency inverter uses high-frequency DC/AC conversion technology to convert low-voltage direct current into high-frequency low-voltage alternating current. Finally, 220V alternating current is obtained through the inverter circuit for the load.

Why Use High Frequency Inverters

Compared with low-frequency inverters, high-frequency inverters have a smaller peak power capacity and less overload capability. But the high-frequency inverter has higher power density, lower no-load loss, and higher conversion efficiency (which can reach more than 90%). In addition, under the same power conditions, the high-frequency inverter is smaller lighter and more cost-effective price

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Advanced Products Make You Succeed

Field Effect Tube

By using high quality effect tube, more temperature stability and high efficiency


The inverter is high frequency pure sine wave, which can provide more reliable power to your appliances.

Easy Installation

Its plug-and-play system design makes our solar inverters easy to install and manage.


Short Circuit Protection,High Temperature Protection,High Voltage Protection, Etc


The innovative design guarantees minimal noise while in use, making it ideal for residential and commercial locations.

Smart Technology

Our inverters offer up to 85% efficiency, smartly controlling the flow of power within panels.


Application of High Frequency Inverter

High-frequency inverter is smaller and lighter. If you only need to supply power to small devices such as computers and TVs, or the space for storing the inverter is limited, then a high-frequency inverter will be your good choice.

We Recommend the Best Solar Solutions

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