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A solar inverter is the most important part of each solar system that safely converts DC power to AC power. Quality is your first consideration for top solar inverter manufacturers and suppliers.
Being a global pioneer in solar energy technology, WHC provides its customers with a wide range of solar inverters with guaranteed quality. The solar inverters made by WHC SOLAR are versatile, suitable for use in systems of all sizes, and compatible with all solar modules on the market, making them an excellent addition to your inventory.

Types of Solar Inverters Offered by WHC

WHC is a reliable solar inverter manufacturer that offers a wide variety of solar inverters for efficient and optimum use.
Solar Hybrid Inverter
WHC is an experienced solar inverter wholesale supplier in China, producing cutting-edge hybrid inverters for residential and commercial use with a 110-380V power supply.
Solar Hybrid Inverter
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter With MPPT Function HVM Plus 3.6KW
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter With MPPT Function HVM Plus 5KW
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On/Off Grid Solar Inverter
WHC is an experienced solar inverter wholesale supplier in China, producing cutting-edge hybrid inverters for residential and commercial use with a 110-380V power supply.
On/Off Grid Solar Inverter
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter With MPPT Function HGM-11KW
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High Frequency Inverter
Our high-frequency inverters covert low voltage direct current into high frequency alternating current of up to 220V. Our solar inverters are competitively priced for bulk orders.
High Frequency Inverter
  • High Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300W-3KW
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Solar Charge Controller
We offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and the industry-standard Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), which offer tracking efficiencies of 99% and 97% respectively.
Solar Charge Controller
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A-60A
  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller 20A-100A
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Features of WHC Solar Inverters


Automatic Voltage Recognition

WHC solar power inverter manufactures automatic conversion for 12V/24V/48V that adapts to the voltage of the battery.


Smart Protection

An experienced team of engineers works tirelessly at our solar inverter factory and strives to achieve temperature compensation, reverse connection protection, and short circuit protection.


Flexible Configuration

All our solar inverters have the flexibility to match the solar controller of your system. As one of the top solar panel inverter manufacturers, we guarantee the highest quality configuration.


Intelligent Electronic Display

You can monitor the performance of your WHC inverter with our real-time monitoring data technology.


Easy Installation

WHC takes care of every need of its customers, so our inverters are designed with smart technology that is easy and quick to install.


Supports Multiple Battery Types

WHC inverters are compatible with multiple battery types, such as GEL, LiFePO4, and Lead Acid batteries.

Why Choose WHC Solar Inverters?

You can count on WHC’s experience in the industry and one-stop services to help grow your business.

Global Brand

WHC SOLAR is a global brand registered in 37 countries.
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Patent Protection

9 utility model patents and 1 invention patent, Regional market protection.
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Automatic Production Lines

Automatic production equipments to ensure defective rate less than 0.3%.
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Government's Project Experience

Supported by reliable product quality and competitive price, many large government projects. 1st quality.

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