All In One Solar Street Light

Why All In One Solar Street Light

Widely Application

All in one solar street light are very popular in lighting engineering and it’s the first choice for government project. Equipped with high-brightness Bridgelux LED chips, improving the brightness by 30%. Applications : Urban roads, highways, parks, community squares, schools, hospitals and other areas based on customer’s needs.

Your Reliable Solar Street Light Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR has been in the business of designing and supplying various all in one solar street light for more than 13 years. Focused on offering superior led lights that will help customer’s business grow up, we only use grade A new materials and apply quality control to create solar street light.

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Advanced Products Make You Succeed

Adjustable Angle

Adjustable angle mounting bracket to 90 degrees, suitable for various lamp pole installation methods.

Power Adjustment

Intelligent power adjustment, automatic weather judgment, reasonable planning of discharge rules.

Intelligent Management

Intelligent charging and discharging management, soft and hard double protection of charging and discharging and intelligent equalization technology.

Long Service Life

3 years warranty, build-in grade A+ lifePO4 lithium battery with large capacity, lifespan up to 10 years.

Wider Irradiation Area

High efficiency LED chips, reach 220LM/W, with a luminous angle of 140 degrees and a wider irradiation area.

Smart Remote Control

Equipped with drone remote control, ultra-long remote control distance of 30 meters, can pass through obstacles, and can set four lighting modes.

all in one solar street light series

Applications of All In One Solar Street Light

WHC SOLAR is a solar technology manufacturer with over 13 years experience. We have a highly professional design team and a high-quality production team. Except Rising, Max and Super series all in one solar street lights, we design other street light types as well, if you have specific requirements of solar street lights, kindly let us know, we’ ll provide specific and professional solutions to meet your demands.

Bring You Best Solar Street Light Solution

Rely on WHC SOLAR’s superior solution design, solar street light expertise, and 13 years of industry experience, we develop high luminance all in one solar street lights for your specific demands. We provide you expertly practical street lights based on your application, budget, material preferences, and other parameters. Contact our experts today for a comprehensive consultation.

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Automatically Production Line

All our all in one solar street lights are produced by automatic equipments, complete the order with high efficiency and quality guarantee on time. We test every single street light to ensure its perfect working performance and high luminance, to ensure their long working time and long service life as well.

WHC Solar is Your Trusted Solar Street Light Supplier

Some Reference Questions Help You to Get the Accurate Quotation



Explain this order

Purchase For Government Project or Own business or Own home use? if for the project , please provide the documents as our reference.


Explain the order quantities

How many quantities do you plan to purchase?


Explain the apperance of the Street Light

Do you need the Split street light or All in one street light?


Explain the Configuration of the Street light

Please tell us what power of the LED light /panel and what capacity of the Battery?


Provide the picture

In order to accurately recommend the type of street light for you , please provide the picture to us as our reference.

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