Flexible Solar Panel

Why CIGS Flexible Solar Panel

What is CIGS Flexible Solar Panel?

IGS made from Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, offered the same benefits as A-Si(Amorphous Silicon)-lightweight, flexible, peel-and-stick application, and reaches efficiencies exceeding 16%. It is more stable and can curve to 360°

CIGS Flexible Solar Panel Application Scenarios

This modules are ideal for membrane roofs, they can be installed over low-load-capacity roofs that prove challenging for conventional crystalline panels and rack systems. also be used in many other applications such as easy joint to your yacht, boat or RV roof, or fixed on your caravans, motorhomes, bicycle and other vehicles for outdoor using

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Solar Panel Structure Analysis

Shade Resistant

Have bypass diodes on each individual cell, reduce the power loss and hot spots resistance.

High Conversion Efficiency

Up to 16.5% conversion efficiency

Excellent Light Absorption

It absorbs light over the widest spectral range, not only within the visible light spectrum in the same manner.

No Color Difference

Make the panel appearance more artistic.

Less Space In Packing

Lighter thinner film and bendable characters make the panel can be stored in any place.

Easy Installation

Without any brackets or equipment, no penetrations, ballast or racking required.


Application of CIGS Flexible Solar Panel

CIGS Flexible Solar Panel can go where rigid glass modules can’t.

This makes it possible to add solar energy generation to low load capacity roofs, structures such as carports and storage facilities, curved surfaces, vehicles and many other applications.

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Solar cells are generally divided into two types depending on types: mono crystal and polycrystalline cells. Most solar photovoltaic panels available for installation are made of mono silicon or polysilicon. mono silicon solar panels are considered to be high-grade solar products made from silicon wafers cut by silicon, and are called “Monocrystalline silicon”. Usually, mono panels can have more efficiency than polysilicon.

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