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Our solar lighting systems are stable, eco-friendly choices. While our broad selections give your market much freedom to choose from, we also recommend suitable product combinations. With our industry knowledge. Meanwhile, we offer an installation guide that would assist you throughout the project and enable you to provide better service for your market.

Development Status of Solar Lighting

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With the rapid development of photovoltaic and LED lighting, solar lighting products are more and more popular. The perfect combination of photovoltaic and high-efficiency LED brings very good economic benefits upon lighting, also great environment benefits with the clear renewable solar energy. Produced of two types solar LED lights according to the different structural design : split-type solar street lights and all in one solar street lights.

Solar Lighting Type

Solar Street Lighting System

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Split street lights are the most common type on the market and the most widely used. This type of street lamp is a good choice for both personal use and business, and the split type street light is very useful on both sides of the road and in square areas, because the solar panels can be placed under the sun to receive the light, and the light source can be placed inside for easy lighting. So when you don’t know how to choose a solar street lamp, split solar street lights may meet your requirements.


The split street lights will also have a battery system to store and discharge electricity. Many factories choose to use lead-acid batteries. This kind of battery is large, small capacity, discharge depth is not good, and efficiency is not high. Our solar street lamps all use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have long service life and excellent performance in all aspects.. Split street lights have independent components, so the configuration of each component is more flexible. It can be easily designed according to the lighting requirements of the project.

All-in-one Solar Street Lighting System

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From the outside, the all in one street lights only have lamp holders. But in fact, The lamp holder already contains solar panels,batteries, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human sensor module. The all in one design is more concise in appearance. The all in one solar street light is very simple to install, unlike the split street lamp that requires complicated assembly and wiring. Street lights of this structure are generally designed to be more intelligent, which can adjust the brightness, effectively save stored power, and improve lamp efficiency.


All in one solar street lights is more suitable for some projects, Its easy installation means that it can reduce the cost of hiring technicians to install it . From the perspective of cost saving , power saving and service life , all in all in one solar street lights is also the best choice for lighting projects . And many projects are located in remote areas where electricity from the grid cannot be reached ,all in one solar street lights can provide off-grid connectivity in hard-to-reach areas . Also , when you compare it to traditional street lamps , you can see that the transportation cost of all in one solar street lights is a fifth of that of a traditional street lamp , Which can save you more project costs

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Wide Variety of Solar Lighting Solutions Available

We can provide you with customizable solutions to meet all your solar street lighting requirements. With over 13 years of experience, our team of professional engineers can provide you with fully customizable solar street lighting solutions, whether for outdoor residential lighting or street lighting projects


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