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Our solar lighting systems are stable, eco-friendly choices. While our broad selections give your market much freedom to choose from, we also recommend suitable product combinations. With our industry knowledge. Meanwhile, we offer an installation guide that would assist you throughout the project and enable you to provide better service for your market.

Development Status of Residential Solar System

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With the fast global development and environmental pollution, the issue of electricity around the world is becoming a new challenge. Off-grid energy system is becoming a trend, and it’s a great solution for solving power shortages, high electricity costs and environmental pollution problems, it works simply by absorbing solar energy to convert electricity.

Residential Solar System Type

hybrid solar system

Hybrid Solar Energy System

The hybrid solar energy system is becoming more and more popular due to its convenience. With its solar inverter and MPPT controller all in one design, there is no need for an additional purchase and installation of controller. With a large VOC of 500V and a big current of 100A, it can be connected to more solar panels and is very easy to install. It has various intelligent working modes to choose, for the parallel function (maximum 12units) and wifi module is optional.

Off Grid Solar Energy System

This type off grid system mainly includes solar inverter, solar panels, solar batteries and solar controller. Through solar panels to absorb sunlight and transfer sunlight energy into electricity, stored electricity in batteries, and through the inverter to transfer DC to AC 220V/110V/380V. It has small system 1-6KW for loading daily appliances, also has large system 10kw to 500kw for large air conditions quantity, industry, hotel, villa, some government projects and commercial construction projects, etc.

off grid solar system
solar generator

Solar Energy Storage System

This system is made by a portable, all in one, humanized and innovative design, with the battery, inverter and controller all built into the generator, people only needs to connect with solar panels, so it’s very easy to install and operate. The USB ports allow for quick phone charging, and 12V outputs can load DC 12V bulbs, fans and TVs, etc. The battery is LifePO4 lithium type with a long lifespan up to 10 years. This system has 500w, 1000w, 2000w, 3000w and 5000w five models, great for various outdoor activities and daily home appliances, saving energy and bringing a better living experience to every family.


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