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Are you a person who dares to challenge? Are you willing to bring beauty and hope to the world?

Are you a person who dares to challenge? Are you willing to bring beauty and hope to the world?


Meet Our Founder

Clint is responsible for the success and growth of WHC SOLAR because of his positive demeanor and lack of hesitation when facing any challenges. His patient guidance and striving for perfection paved the way for the business to make a strong impact in the solar energy production industry.

ceo Clint
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Outrage Over
Unfriendly Comments on
Chinese Goods

There was a worldwide misconception of Chinese products being faulty and bad, which is one of the challenges Clint faced after getting notified by overseas clients. This situation led to Clint leaving his translation and after-sales work to kick off his business and overturn that misconception.

Accidentally Encountering the Solar Industry

By chance, he was contacted by an African client who was impressed by Clint’s dedication and responsibility to his work. This client showed him the massive market demand for solar products and invited the Client to join the industry.

Shocked by the
Demanding Needs

After going through relevant materials and contacting clients within Africa and other underdeveloped countries, Clint confirmed that there is a rising demand for solar energy within those regions. He decided to commit his life’s work to answer those demands with premium solar power systems.

Know the Needs &
Bring the Best

As the company grew, Clint established offices and warehouses overseas to efficiently serve the local and overseas markets. As his team learned more about the conditions and requirements of the region, he found ways to create solar products that serve target audiences within Africa and underdeveloped regions.

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