Power Frequency Inverter

Why Solar Power Frequency Inverter

What is Power Frequency Inverter

The Power Inverters output a pure sine wave is similar to the waveform of the grid power. In a pure sine wave, the voltage rises and falls in a smooth manner and offers high-quality waveform with little harmonic distortion,the output is very stable,So almost all appliance could be powered using pure sine wave Inverter.

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We are an inverter manufacturer with 13 years of experience, We produce hybrid inverters , low frequency inverters, and high frequency inverters for all kinds of off-grid system installations, large or small, whether in homes, outdoor buildings, hotels or any project with a power range of inverters to give you a 110-380V power supply.

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Advanced Products Make You Succeed


The power inverter is pure sine wave, which can provide more reliable power to your appliances.

Easy Installation

Its plug-and-play system design makes our solar inverters easy to install and manage.


Short Circuit Protection,High Temperature Protection,High Voltage Protection, Etc


The innovative design guarantees minimal noise while in use, making it ideal for residential and commercial locations.

Smart Technology

Our inverters offer up to 85% efficiency, smartly controlling the flow of power within panels.

Multiple Battery Options

For Lead-Acid(Seal, AGM, Gel, Flooded)/Lithium battery (Need special customization).

How Does a Power Inverter Work?

The power inverter converts the direct current (DC) stored in the battery into a standard household alternating current (AC)

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    Solar Inverter could load various appliances such as fridges,tv,air conditioner,fan,laptop, phone charging, etc.
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    Solution Customization
    Whether for home or commercial use, we will recommend the best inverter and solar system for you
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    Charging Modes
    Support 4 charging modes: solar/utility priority/ solar priority/utility hybrid charging.
  • 4
    Output Modes
    PV priority/Utility priority/Inverter priority, which can meet users’ different application needs.
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We Supply Various Types of Solar Inverters

The Power Frequency Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Charger delivers superior performance for remote off-grid applications. The inverter is of pure sine wave capable of producing cleaner, smoother, and more reliable electricity for a user’s electronic needs. The power Inverter is also able to charge the battery bank when AC power is connected to the inverter.

We Recommend the Best Solar Solutions

Providing professional and reliable solar system solutions for more than 13 years, WHC SOLAR can provide the suitable and quality product for your business. We have experts who take care your real requirements and budget when looking for a solution that helps you win your target market.

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As a global well-known brand solar inverter factory with rich experience in this field, we have enough productivity and R&D capability to meet your business requires. Choose WHC SOLAR and start business partnership, We will provide perfect service and high quality products.

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