Solar Flood Light

Why Solar Flood Light

Widely Used Solar Flood Light

Solar flood lights have always been one of the most popular products in the solar market. Both of wall mounted or pole installation is available, and it’s widely use in Park, Garden, Courtyard, Swimming Pool, Basketball Court, Perimeter Security, etc. It works very intelligent by on at night time and off at day time automatically. It is a necessity for lighting.

Your Reliable Outdoor Light Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR has been in the business of designing and supplying solar flood light for more than 13 years. Focused on offering superior products that will help customer’s business grow up, we only use grade A new materials and apply quality control to create solar flood lights.

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Advanced Products Make You Succeed

Large Irradiation Range

Large irradiation range led lamp, bright the road and street widely.

Quality LED Lamp Beads

High quality LED lamp beads, energy saving light source, high brightness and good stability.

Long Working Time

Long working time last for more than 24 hours.

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

Build-in grade A+ quality LiFePO4 lithium battery, large capacity and longer lifespan.

Die-cast Aluminum Material

Die-cast aluminum radiator, hot air convection design, great heat dissipation effect.

Reinforced Rear Bracket

The rear bracket of the lamp holder can be rotated and installed at 180°, and the lighting angle can be adjusted as you like.

All Solar Flood Light

Applications of Solar Flood Light

Whenever the roads need to be illuminated at night, people rely on solar lights to guide their way home, so there’s a big market for solar flood lights, which are compact and practical enough to meet the demands of self use or business. If you have specific requirements for solar flood lights, please contact us and our experts will provide you with professional solutions.

Bring You Best Solar Flood Light Solution

Rely on WHC SOLAR’s superior solution design, solar flood light expertise, and 13 years of industry experience, to develop the quality solar flood light for your specific demands. We provide you with expertly practical solar products based on the application, budget, material preferences, and other parameters. Contact our experts today for a comprehensive consultation.

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Automatically Production Line

All our solar flood lights are produced by automatic equipments, complete the order with high efficiency and quality guarantee on time. We test every single lamp to ensure its perfect working performance and stable working status, and we package each of them carefully before delivery.

WHC Solar is Your Trusted Solar Street Light Supplier

Some Reference Questions Help You to Get the Accurate Quotation



Explain this order

Purchase For Government Project or Own business or Own home use? if for the project , please provide the documents as our reference.


Explain the order quantities

How many quantities do you plan to purchase?


Explain the appearance of the Street Light

Do you need the flood light or street light?


Explain the Configuration of the Flood light

Please tell us what power of the LED light /panel?


Provide the picture

In order to accurately recommend the type of flood light for you , please provide the picture to us as our reference.

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