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Why Solar Generators

Cleaner & Smarter Energy System

Solar generators utilize UV rays instead of gas or fuel to generate power, providing a sustainable solution for energy requirements. They have built-in controllers, inverters, and batteries. Compared with the traditional solar power system, they adopt all-in-one design, which is easy to install and suitable for various applications.

Your Reliable Solar Generator Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR is one of the leading solar generators manufacturers in China. We have accumulated 16 years of experience in the battery industry. With 9 patents and advanced solar technology design, we can create marketable products that help you boost your solar generator wholesale business.


Superior Products Make You Thrive

Green Energy

The solar generators we offer do not burn any fuel, making them a low emission and sustainable source of energy.


Our solar generators are quiet which reduces the amount of noise they produce while running.


With its all-in-one design, our solar generators are easy to set up in nearly any outdoor/indoor environment.


WHC SOLAR’s solar generators have a compact and lightweight design that makes them easy to carry.


Our solar generators can power small appliances, light up areas, and act as backup power during blackouts.



All of our solar generators can achieve optimal power generation without requiring any maintenance.

How Solar Generators Work

Solar generators utilize solar panels to extract the energy from the sun’s rays with the built-in controller, inverter, and battery turning the energy into electricity. Let’s figure out how it works.

How Solar Generators Work
  • 1
    Utilizing high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, the conversion power of our solar panels is up to 22%.
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    Store & Power
    The MPPT controller and inverter of our power station are responsible for converting solar energy into usable AC power.
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    Our solar generators can power various appliances such as mini-fridges and medical devices for emergencies.
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    Daily Use & Emergency Support
    Solar generators can be used for various applications such as alternative power sources for daily devices and emergency power backup.
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Applications of Solar Generators

Whether it’s commercial, emergency, or residential uses, our solar generators are versatile enough to address any power requirements. When you need to know what type of solar generators you require, our experts can recommend the solution that suits your business. 

We Bring You the Best Solar Generator Solution

Providing businesses with premium battery solutions for more than 13 years, WHC SOLAR is the leading solar generator manufacturer that can provide the right product for your business. We have experts who take into account your requirements and budget when looking for a solution that helps you tap into your target market.

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Competitive Solar Generator Prices

Because of our mature supply chain, we have access to premium materials and components at a lower cost. WHC SOLAR is also capable of minimizing our waste and cutting down on production expenses, allowing us to offer competitive solar generator prices without compromising on their service life or performance.

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