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Portable & Intelligent Solar Generator

Solar generator full use the energy of sunlight, help every family save a lot electricity, and create a clean and energy-saving environment. This solar generator is built-in mppt controller, pure sine wave inverter and lifePO4 lithium battery, portable and save space. Compared with traditional solar power system, they adopt all-in-one design, which is easier to install and suitable for various applications.

Convenient and Leading Technology

WHC Solar SPS500W-10000W set with grade A+ LiFePO4 lithium battery which lifetime is up to 5 years, large capacity and very durable. By pure sine wave inverter, this system could work very stable. This leading generator brings the power to run the entire party, family camping, or even the whole house in the event of an unexpected out of electricity. The AC&DC outlet allow people to power anything from laptops and phone charge to lights, etc.


Advanced Products Make You Succeed

Long Lifespan

Build-in 6000 cycles A+ Quality LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, 5 Years Long Service Life.

All-round Protections

Overall automatic protection, include AC output overload, short circuit protection, etc.

High Efficiency

Intelligent MPPT Controller, greatly improving the charging efficiency more than 30%.


Pure sine wave inverter with double CPU intelligent control technology, working very stable.


Convenient & practical 5V USB output port, 12V output and AC output, suitable for various home applications.

Various Charging Mode

Electricity Supply Charging, Solar Charging, Car Cigarette Lighter Can be Charged.

How Does Solar Generator Work?

Solar generator utilize solar panels to extract the energy from the sunlight, transfer the energy into electricity by solar panels and storage in the battery, transfer to AC power by inverter. Let’s figure out how it works.

Solar Generator 1
  • 1
    Utilizing high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, the conversion power of our solar panels is up to 22%.
  • 2
    Transfer DC to AC
    The pure sine wave inverter of power station are responsible for converting solar energy into usable AC power.
  • 3
    This Solar generator could load various appliances such as mini-fridges, laptop, phone charging, etc.
  • 4
    Daily & Emergency Use
    This solar power station can load various home applications and use for emergency backup.
Lithium battery combination diagram 2

Applications of Solar Generator

Whether it’s commercial, emergency, or residential uses, our solar power station are convenient and useful enough to resolve any power requirements. When you need to know what type of solar power station you require, our experts could recommend the solution that suits your business mode most.  

We Bring You the Best Solar System Solution

Providing professional and reliable solar system solutions for more than 13 years, WHC SOLAR is the leading solar manufacturer that can provide the suitable and quality product for your business. We have experts who take care your real requirements and budget when looking for a solution that helps you win your target market.

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Automatically Production Line

All our solar generator is produce by automatic equipments, finish the order with high efficiency and quality on time. We test every single system to ensure their high working performance and accurate parameters, and we package each of them carefully before delivery.

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