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Having years of experience in operating in the industry, WHC solar battery company has created its line of solar batteries with improved technology that is uniquely suited to give high cycle performance.
Since WHC has dominated the Chinese for more than 10 years, it is able to provide complete renewable energy solutions to help businesses in the field meet all their needs and assure customer satisfaction. Our knowledge, combined with the experience of our associates and partners, can provide clean renewable storage solutions that will unavoidably carry the WHC Brand’s reputation for dependability and performance.

Types of Solar Batteries Offered by WHC

WHC offers three different types of reliable and efficient solar batteries for solar power systems, residential energy storage systems, and other solar solutions.
Gel Battery

As a leading solar battery manufacturer in China, WHC is renowned for providing gel batteries with a durability of more than 5 years and an excellent deep discharge recovery.

Gel Battery
  • Rechargeable Deep Cycle Agm Solar Gel Batttery
  • Home Energy Storage 24V 120Ah Solar Battery UPS Battery Back
  • Free Maintenance Deep Cycle OPZV Solar Battery
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Lead Acid Battery
Our lead acid batteries combine fast charging and longer life to exceed your load usage requirements. They far outperform most models on the market.
Lead Acid Battery
  • High Cost-effective Solar Lead Acid Battery
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Lifepo4 battery
Our LiFePO4 batteries are designed for many applications, featuring excellent safety characteristics, outstanding 100% discharge efficiency, and super-long cycle lives.
Lifepo4 battery
  • Solar Lithium Battery Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery
  • Powerwall Home Solar LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
  • Super Capacity LiFePO4 Battery 192V 100AH Lithium ion Battery
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Features of WHC Solar Batteries


High Efficiency

WHC is one of China’s top wholesale solar battery suppliers that manufactures high-performance and highly efficient batteries with more electric energy.


Extremely Safe

Every OEM solar battery that leaves our premises is thoroughly tested and inspected three times to ensure its high quality and safe performance.


Space Saving Designs

WHC’s solar battery factory can produce batteries of different sizes and power. Some of our batteries are wall-mounted to offer a space-saving design with easy installation.


High-Temperature Performance

Solar batteries from WHC are designed to handle over 149°F (65°C) temperatures, which is way higher than most traditional batteries.


Long Life Cycle

All of our well-made solar batteries have a long service life while ensuring up to 100% discharging efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Wide Range of Applications

WHC’s solar batteries find use in several industries for residential, commercial, and solar light applications. Additionally, the solar battery wholesale prices are affordable, so you can buy them in bulk for distribution.

Why Choose WHC Solar Batteries?

You can count on WHC’s experience in the industry and one-stop services to help grow your business.
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Own Brand

We have our own brand “WHC SOLAR” which is famous at home and abroad, and our mission is to let the world not lack electricity.
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Product Design Patents

Currently, we have 9 solar product design patents, regional market protection, to help our global partners become unique solar battery dealers in the market.
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Automatic Production Lines

Automatic production equipment, complete your OEM solar battery order with quality and quantity.
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Government's Projects Experience

Supported by our reliable quality and competitive price, we’ve done many large government projects in different countries, such as Nigeria, Tanzania, etc.

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