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WHC Solar Energy System

For Uninterrupted & Accessible Power

The solar systems consist of solar panels, controllers, inverters, and batteries, which can collect solar energy to provide daily household and emergency power to reduce carbon emissions and monthly utility expenses. 

Your Reliable Solar Power System Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR has been a reliable solar power systems supplier for more than 13 years. Our solar power system is UN 38.3, and CE certified with high performance and long service life. We also have a robust production facility to guarantee the completion of all solar power system wholesale orders.

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What Are Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems consist of solar panels, controllers, batteries, and inverters to generate electricity from the sun.

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  • 1
    Solar Panels
    Utilizing high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, the conversion power of our solar panels is up to 22%.
  • 2
    MPPT Controller
    The MPPT controller regulates the incoming solar power to maintain batteries and prevent overcharging.
  • 3
    Premium battery cells and superior BMS protection systems keep our solar power system’s high performance.
  • 4
    The inverter converts the direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) for home appliances.

Advanced Products Make You Succeed

Green Energy

Without any fuel or gasoline, our solar power system does not emit greenhouse gasses to make them a sustainable source of electricity.


The solar power system we offer can act as an alternative power source for various appliances or as an emergency power backup.


There are no parts that need to be replaced regularly to make our solar power system run at optimum capacity.

High Performance

Our solar power systems can effectively turn solar power into electricity with high performance for long life span.



Acquired competitive material prices, our solar power systems are made cost-effective for any brand to access.



Made with durable materials, our solar power systems are built to last and perform high performance.

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We Supply Various Types of Solar Power Systems

There are different types of solar power systems: grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid solar power systems. These systems have a varying degree of power utilizations and installation costs. Provide us with the specific energy requirement you need for your business and our experienced consultants can find suitable solar power systems for you.


We Bring You the Best Energy Solution

Working in the solar industry for more than 13 years makes us one of the leading solar power system suppliers in China. WHC SOLAR’s experience and knowledge allow us to find a specific solar power system that fulfills your business requirements. Tap into the rising market demand for sustainable energy by working with our team today!

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Competitive Solar Power Systems Prices

WHC SOLAR is capable of controlling solar power system costs because of our partnership with the top 10 suppliers, allowing us to build our products with reduced expenses. Through our mature supply chain and strong production capabilities, we can bolster your profit margin while helping you address potential customers’ demands.

WHC Solar is Your Trusted Solar Inverter Supplier

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Have you bought from China before?

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