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Our solar lighting systems are stable, eco-friendly choices. While our broad selections give your market much freedom to choose from, we also recommend suitable product combinations. With our industry knowledge. Meanwhile, we offer an installation guide that would assist you throughout the project and enable you to provide better service for your market.

Development Status of Commercial Solar System


Commercial solar energy systems vary much more in size and scope than their residential counterparts. Most commercial solar arrays are much larger, and they aren’t always confined to roofs. Some organizations opt for solar carports, while others install ground-mounted solar panels.Commercial Solar System different roles for power generation sides and consumption sides. For power plants and distribution grid, it’s a regulating device assisting grid operations, dispatching power between generator, renewable energy, transmission, and distribution networks, thus mitigating pressure caused by imbalances between supply and load on the grid.

Commercial Solar System Type

Commercial Energy Storage System
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There are two types of commercial energy storage systems, one for grid-connected commercial and industrial energy storage systems (grid-connected power generation) and one for off-grid commercial and industrial energy storage systems (which can realize both grid-connected power generation and off-grid energy storage). Commercial and industrial energy storage lithium batteries allow customers to obtain safe, reliable and sustainable energy, and permanent power in environments such as peak shaving and power limitation. It also enables multi-scenario use in environments such as islands, deserts and grasslands where there is no electricity.


Commercial and industrial energy storage systems, including lithium battery packs have a service life of more than 10 years, modular design, multiple storage units can be more flexible parallel connection, simple, fast, and significantly improve the storage and utilization of energy.


Commercial and industrial off-grid energy storage systems operate independently, without any electrical connection to the grid, so the entire system does not require a grid-connected inverter, and a PV inverter can meet the requirements. The off-grid home energy storage system is divided into three working modes: Mode 1: PV provides energy storage and user electricity (sunny days); Mode 2: PV and storage battery provide user electricity (cloudy days); Mode 3: storage battery provides user electricity (evening and rainy days). At the same time, commercial and industrial off-grid energy storage systems can achieve multiple scenarios in commercial energy storage applications, driving such as machine tools, gas pumps and other equipment, stable performance, but also help wind farms and other occasions to achieve output smoothing and “peak and valley reduction”.


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