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WHC Lead Acid Replacement

What is Lead Acid Replacement

Lead acid replacement are mainly used to store electricity generated by solar panels and for load use. The best solar battery pack used for solar energy generally have the characteristics of maintenance-free, deep cycle, and long service life. There are two main types of batteries currently used in the solar field, lead-acid/gel batteries, and lithium batteries. 

Choose Professional Solar Supplier

WHC SOLAR manufactures Gel, Deep cycle, Tubular OPzV,Lead Acid Replacement and Lithium batteries energy storage cells specifically designed for solar power systems. The WHC team can also customize your solar power solution to provide you with the most professional solar solution.

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Advanced Products Make You Succeed

High Quality And Efficient

Our solar lead acid battery could achieve 85% charging efficiency, which ensures our battery can take great use of the power.

Low Self-discharge

The high purity raw material ensures a low self-discharge rate, allowing our battery to retain its power capacity for a long time.

Long Life Cycle

All of our lead acid battery have long service life of 500 to 800 deep discharge cycles.

High-temperature Performance

The superior temperature resistance makes batteries could even work in hot climates, and maintain a stable discharge performance.


There is no need to add water inside our Lead acid batteries , maintenance free, to save your time.

Wide Application

Our Lead acid batteries are widely used in solar systems for residential and commercial use.

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Expect unparalleled services when working with WHC SOLAR. Addressing your concerns and accommodating your needs throughout the purchase of our lead-acid battery.

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Various Types of Solar Battery We Support

There are varying types of lead acid replacement in the markets such as 12V lithium battery, powerwall lithium battery and server rack lithium battery. Each solar lithium battery has a distinct performance and life cycle regarding lead amount, lead purity, and pasting methods. With the variety of battery available, you can find one that fits your price point and application.

We Bring You the Best Solar Battery Solution

WHC SOLAR  provide customers with professional lead-acid replacement, powerwall lithium battery and server rack lithium battry solutions. Our professional technical personnel, through strict production process control, to provide customers with qualified products and professional technical services.

Lithium Battery Solar System
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Advanced Automatic Production Line In The Industry

To ensure the quality and stability of each battery,From materials and production to finished products, we use top-of-the-line professional testing equipment in all processes. We strictly control each production process.

WHC Solar is Your Trusted Solar Lithium Battery Supplier

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