Solar Water Pump Case

Water Pump 04
WHC SOLAR Water Pump in Myanmar

This WHC SOLAR 140m 2hp 384vac solar submersible pump system installed in Yangon, Myanmar, a very sunny city. The maximum head reach 162m, the rated flow rate is 2000L/H and …

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Water Pump 03
WHC SOLAR 65M DC Solar Water Pump in Philippines

Rustico Lapid came to his farm to irrigate the farm as usual. It’s a cloudy day but the pump still work very stable, he feel very satisfied. This is the …

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Water Pump 05
WHC 255m Solar Pump System in Dubai

This is a 255m solar pump system installed in Dubai, UAE, pump 12000L water per hour. A solar water pump is an application of photovoltaic technology which converts solar energy …

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Water Pump 01
WHC 200M Solar Pump System in Zambia

This is a three-phase WHC 200M Solar Pump System installed in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Simon Phiri is very happy because he needs this pump to irrigate his farm …

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