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Quality Control

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Quality, Safety, Reliability Are Guaranteed

WHC SOLAR takes its pride in the performance and service life of our solar power products because of our rigorous quality control system. With our ISO9001/ISO4001 certified factory and state-of-the-art testing facilities, all of our solar power products comply with international standards.

Unlimited Customized Options for Each Product

Solar Panels
Water Pumps
Solar Batteries


Battery cells for our solar power systems come from BYD, a recognizable brand in the sustainable energy market, as well as the top 10 suppliers.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Premium monocrystalline silicon cells are used with efficiency above 5W for each 182mm cell. The conversion efficiency of our solar panels can be up to 22%.

Solar Controllers


The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controllers we offer to stabilize the transfer of power from the solar panels to the batteries.

Solar Inverters


Toroidal transformers accurately turn DC into usable AC power for nearly any appliances and electronics. Each of our inverters utilizes UL-certified components that contain various safety features.

solar light system


Lamps for our solar-powered lights are sourced from the top 10 suppliers. Each light achieves superior lighting at an optimum power rate.

solar water pump

Water Pumps

Corrosion-resistant brass or stainless steel hardware ensures longer service life of our solar-powered water pumps. We also utilize Japan NSK branded bearings to further reduce wear and tear.

Uninterrupted Testings for the Perfect Products

WHC SOLAR inspection team conducts a series of tests and checks to ensure the finished product achieves high-grade performance.


Trouble-free After-sale, Maintained Quality

WHC SOLAR has a solid reputation for providing marketable and function-able solar power systems that can exceed your expectations.

Backing our products are value-added services to help you get the most out of our solar power products such as installation support, customer service, and warranty coverage.

Certificates of Our Solar Products

Below are our solar products certificates, ensuring each solar product we provide complies with global standards on performance and safety.

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