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Assured Quality

WHC SOLAR has about 14 years of experience in manufacturing solar portable power stations with UN and CE certifications. Our portable power station systems are made of premium-quality materials with great efficiency and last 5+ years. We offer portable power stations for residential and commercial applications.


We offer custom portable solar power station systems for businesses globally with easy MOQ. At WHC SOLAR, we ensure automated solar station production that follows strict quality control inspections. We also have several overseas warehouses across several continents to distribute our solar solutions to businesses. We quickly supply solar products to our clients and also offer post-sales support & services.


Features Of WHC Portable Solar Power Stations

At WHC SOLAR, highly durable, credible, versatile, much safer, and energy-efficient solar power systems that require little to no maintenance are manufactured and supplied to our domestic and global clients.

Efficient Performance

Our solar power systems offer high, energy-efficient performance and are relatively safer as they are only delivered after passing QC tests.


Solar power station solutions from WHC are portable, light in weight, convenient, and feature space-saving designs, making it easy to carry them anywhere.

Long Lifespan

The portable solar power station we manufacture retains a 5-year lifespan with deep cycles that charge instantly and discharge slowly.

High-Temperature Resistance

WHC’s solar power systems are made to withstand heavy temperatures and work smoothly and efficiently in harsh conditions.

Wide Applications

We have portable solar power systems that are ideal for various commercial, outdoor, and residential power applications.

Competitive Pricing

Our solar power station systems are cost-effective and can be acquired at an affordable price as we source quality raw materials from reliable wholesalers.
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Various Solar Power Stations For Your Needs

Considering the demand for better solar solutions, we offer various types of solar power station systems, including portable power station for RVs / van life, solar portable power station for home use, portable power station for commercial use, solar portable power station for camping, etc. Reach out to us with your business requirements, and our experts will help in finding the ideal solar power systems.

One-Stop Solar Product Solution from WHC

WHC SOLAR is a leading portable power station manufacturer with 14+ years of experience. We deliver top-notch, premium-quality solar solutions for our client’s businesses by providing customization options for better brand identity and overall growth. Our experts will design, develop, and deliver solar power stations that will attract your target consumers.
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Lean Production in Our Solar Portable Power Station Factory

WHC SOLAR has a 200,000 sq.m ISO-certified portable power station factory. We have cutting-edge R&D capability and a QC team to ensure the quality of the manufactured products. At WHC, we maintain state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with 10 production lines, and our monthly production capacity is 3,000 products.

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