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WHC Solar continually guides the development of new and improved solar products. With more than 16 years of experience in the solar industry, we have worked with numerous brands and earned 9 product patents.

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Years of Product Know-how
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Unordinary Optimization in Every Aspect

We continuously optimize and design our solar products to meet diverse needs of the markets.

Weight Reduction

We restructure our solar generators and solar batteries to become more lightweight and portable, ensuring easy installation and use.

Integrated Design

With modular and integrated designs, we can integrate different products together, such as our hybrid inverter to match different functions with no hassle.

To improve products to fit your application, we optimize our solar products based on your requirements, whether by adding or reducing new features or product weight.

Feature Upgrade

Energy density, conversion power, and depth of discharge are gradually upgraded to meet increasing demand.

Appearance Upgrade

We upgrade the design and materials of our solar products to make them more portable and functional.

Our R&D Philosophy in Details

Simplicity, stability and safety guide to design more excellent solar products to the market.


We want to make every solar product easier to operate and more convenient to use for any user, reducing any hassle on your end.


Through consistent upgrades, we ensure every product is stable and can continually perform under constant use in the long run.


By upgrading and inspecting incoming raw materials, we are committed to making our batteries more durable, leakproof, and increasingly safe.


We upgrade power station and inverter to be more integrated to different systems while reducing weight to make our products more portable.


Along with reducing reliance on electric power, our solar light products leave little waste and guarantee more safety for your customers.


We improve the function of our solar products with the constant upgrades to make them more powerful.

Strict Quality Control

Quality is the Solid Foundation

Our products are tested in every phase of production before entering your markets. This way, we ensure consistent compliance with international standards and provide you with solar products that perform in the long term.

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    Raw Material Inspection
  • 2
    Processing Inspection
  • 3
    Performance Test
  • 4
    Full Inspection
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  • 1
    Raw Material Inspection
  • 2
    Processing Inspection
  • 3
    Performance Test
  • 4
    Full Inspection

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