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What is WHC solar pump

A Complete Solution
We understand solar water pumping applications and build products that make delivering projects on-time and on-budget easy.

Our systems have all of the connections for sensors built in, all of the software for water applications already on board and a full range of accessories to complete the system.

Designing efficient products delivers more water, improves reliability and lowers the total cost of the system. WHC systems will run cooler, need less PV modules and pump water when others will not.

Others claim to be the most efficient, WHC really are the most efficient.

Package Sizes:
500*280*410 mm
36 kg



Permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor: The eficiency is improved by 15% – 20%; Motor coil is made by automatic winding machine with centralized winding technology, motor efficiency is much improved.

Intelligent Water Shortage Protection

Intelligent water shortage protection: The pump stops working automatically when there is no water in the well, and automatically start working 30 minutes later.

Quality Assurance

304 S/S pump shaft. Brass or stainless steel outlet/connector/ Japanese NSK bearing: prolong the working life.

Automatic Control

Automatically start and stop working. Frequency conversion function: It can automatically run with frequency conversion according to the solar power, and user also can change the speed of pump manually.

Automatic Charging Function

Guarantee the pump normally working, meanwhile charge the battery;And when there is no sunshine, the battery can make the pump continuously working.

After-sales Guarantee

2 years warranty. Free replacement parts

Considerate Services Save
Your Trouble

Expect unparalleled services when working with WHC SOLAR. Addressing your concerns and accommodating your needs throughout the purchase of our lead-acid battery.

Months Product Warranty
Years of Know-how
Delivery Day
Services & Support
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How it work

WHC are 100% dedicated to building pumping systems for off grid solar applications. Our engineering team focus on the right designs, the right materials and manufacturing methods to make very reliable, maintainable and repairable solutions that fit the application.

Water Pump 2
  • 1
    Solar panels receive sunlight and produce electricity.
  • 2
    Store & Power
    Controls receive electricity from solar panels and give power to pumps.
  • 3
    The water pump starts working and sucks the groundwater
  • 4
    Daily Use & Emergency Support
    Irrigated farmland
Water Pump 4

Most Reliable Product

Delivered efficient pump systems since 2008,100% focus on solar water pumping,100% focus on solar water pumping.

Global, professional partner network

Our pump systems are locally delivered via a global network of professional sales and services partners. In addition, WHC Solar has a team of experienced staff who can provide professional consultation on specific batteries that suit your requirements and application. Consult us for free.

PWM 1 1
Water Pump 3 1

A Proven Track Record

Some of our first solar pump systems are still running without any servicing.

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