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As a leading solar street light factory, we are equipped with the latest technology to produce lights at large volumes and produce them with great accuracy to meet market demand. Our access to quality raw materials ensures that your preferred street lights come within affordable costs and fit your regional requirements.

solar street light

Superior Products Make You Thrive

Green Energy

Our solar street lights reduce carbon emissions by using solar energy instead of relying on electrical power.


Without relying on electrical power, our solar street lights reduce costs in the long run.


Our solar street lamps operate for long periods without requiring regular maintenance.

High Performance

After a full charge, our lamps can continue running for 5-7 days without constant checking.


Features can be customized to your needs, such as monitoring, motion detection, infrared sensing, etc.


With Grade IP65 covering, our  lights prevent moisture to ensure good performance.

Considerate Services Save Your Trouble

From product purchasing to after-sales support, WHC SOLAR’s wide array of value-added services can help you rise above your peers and serve your customers more flexibility.

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Powerful Customization
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To function and match with different streets, we design a host of unique solar street lights, such as all in one solar street light, integrated solar street light, and solar flood lights.

Our customization process enables us to bring you functional solutions that can be adjusted based on appearance and specification.

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solar street light

Competitive Solar Street Lights Prices

Acquiring materials from leading suppliers enables us to consistently produce a diverse set of solar street lights at lower costs.

With established supply chain system and precise solar streets control, we can help you guarantee the competitive prices and boost your wholesale solar street light business.

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