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Solar Home Lighting Systems

Light up Target Areas Easily and Fast

We provide you with powerful solar lighting systems fit for various applications that are customized with unique designs and higher functionality. For 13 years, we have designed a diverse set of solar home lights for many homes in various countries.

Superior Products Make You Thrive

Green Energy

Our solar home lights deliver consistent illumination without need to pay the electric bills, saving costs for many homes.


With our control over production, our solar lights are constructed at affordable costs to be widely available to the market.


With parts tested for consistent performance and quality, our lighting systems greatly reduce the costs required for maintenance.

High Performance

Lasting for 5-7 days after fully charging, our solar lights continue to deliver consistent lighting to any home.


We customize different features to fit your needs, such as monitoring, motion detection, infrared sensing, among others.



A waterproofness grade IP65 guarantees moisture resistance protecting our lights for uninterrupted performance.

What are Solar Home Lighting Systems

Our solar home lighting system is made up of equipment that operates without constant maintenance.

What are Solar Home Lighting Systems
  • 1
    Solar Panels
    A powerful monocrystalline silicon cell converts 22% power, turning solar energy into electricity.
  • 2
    MPPT Controller
    We use MPPT controllers to control the flow of solar power, thus preserving our batteries’ health for the long term.
  • 3
    Our inverters convert the direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC).
  • 4
    We used high quality and effective light beads from top suppliers to manufacture any kind of solar lights.

Whatever You Need, We Get the Right One

 We offer you a variety of custom choices for appearance, function and specification for your home solar lighting systems. Contact our experts today to see how we can bring you the right solar lighting solutions for your needs.

solar lighting system
solar lighting system

Good Lighting Systems at Good Prices

Can’t find the cost-effective and reliable solar lighting system to seize your market and bolster your wholesale business?

We are able to deliver you factory-price solar home lights through our control over production and a stable supply chain supported with materials from the top ten suppliers in the industry.

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