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Why Solar Lighting Systems

Bright Lights in a Clean & Sustainable Way

Easy to install, our solar lighting systems require no wires, saving installation time and reducing hassles. The ability to use sunlight instead of electrical power makes our custom solar lighting systems more budget-friendly and eco-friendly. 

Your Solar Lighting System Manufacturer

With 13 years of experience, WHC SOLAR has been supplying and designing products to various countries. Our superior design capabilities enable us to manufacture high-end solar lighting systems adapted to your region’s requirements and market preferences.

Superior Products Make You Thrive

Green Energy

Not requiring standard electrical power, our solar lights are a greener choice for lighting, reducing carbon footprint in the long term.


Our solar lighting systems are made cost-effective and premium for any brand to access.


Our solar lighting systems require little to no maintenance, saving complex hassle for end customers.


High Performance

When fully charged, our solar lighting systems can work for days uninterruptedly.



We can customize features to your needs for improved infrared sensing, motion detection, and monitoring.


Made with durable materials, our solar lighting systems are built to last and perform for 10 years.


Considerate Services Save
Your Trouble

Expect unparalleled services when working with WHC Solar, addressing your concerns and accommodating your needs throughout the purchase of our lead-acid battery.

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Services & Support
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We Supply Various Types of Solar Lighting Systems

Our solar lighting systems help illuminate outdoor and indoor areas including solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, and solar camping light systems. Through our customizations and optimization, we offer a wide array of solutions to various global markets. Contact our experts today for precise product recommendations.

Custom Solar Lighting System Solution

With 13 years in the industry, you can rely on our engineering and solar products know-how for the specific needs of your application and business. Our customizations help make our solar lighting systems more portable and easier to use in commercial or outdoor applications. Talk to our experts for precise product and installation solutions that match your requirements, usage scenarios, and budget.

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Solar Street Lights

Competitive Solar Lighting System Prices

Having materials from the top ten most trusted suppliers in the industry, our supply chain can help us produce quality solar lights. This way, we can provide solar lighting systems at reasonable costs to help you propel your market growth.

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