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Hybrid Inverters

More than Just Converting Power

Key to every off-grid solar power supply is a hybrid solar inverter that produces alternating current by converting direct currents. They are cost-effective and with high performance. Our custom hybrid inverters easily direct supply power to the load without passing through the battery, resulting in reduced costs.

Superior Products Make You Thrive


The precise circuit control our inverters give for many popular solar panels enables them to be widely used.

Smart Technology

With built-in MPPT, our inverters offer up to 85% efficiency, smartly controlling the flow of power within panels. 


We produce inverters at lower costs through our mature supply chain and smooth control over production.


With a built-in control system, our inverter is reliable, avoiding overvoltage, overload, and undervoltage.

Easy Installation

Plug-and-play system design enables fast installation that adds no hassle, ensuring our inverters can work right away.



There is only effortless maintenance for inverters as they are made with durable parts to ensure consistent operations.

Custom Hybrid Inverter Solution

For 13 years, we have provided reliable inverter solutions to our clients worldwide, all considering the specific needs of your application and business.

Count on our engineering and solar products knowledge to get the right hybrid inverters at lower costs and match your system requirements. Call us today!


Hybrid Inverter Factory You Can Rely on

Our hybrid inverter factory is equipped with advanced production lines and high-end quality inspection equipment to guarantee premium quality.

Thanks to our mature supply chain and professional R&D capability, we can customize hybrid inverters and help you control the solar inverter cost to the best of our abilities.

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