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Solar Inverters

Why Solar Inverters

Convert Power into the Right Form always

Hybrid solar inverters play an essential role in an off-grid solar power supply system, as it allows the conversion of direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Most modern appliances in residential, commercial, and industrial locations use AC power, making inverters invaluable in any setup.

Your Reliable Solar Inverter Manufacturer

As a premier solar inverter manufacturer, our solar inverters let solar panels directly supply the required power to the load without the need for a battery, reducing setup costs for solar power systems. Contact our experts today to get tailored assistance for your solar inverter needs at competitive prices.

Superior Products Make You Thrive


Our solar inverters are specifically manufactured to be compatible with nearly all popular solar panels in the market.

Smart Technology

With its built-in MPPT technology, the solar inverter offers up to 85% energy efficiency.


We maintain competitive wholesale prices through solid supply chain management and a streamlined production process.


Built-in overvoltage control eliminates the risks of overloading and under voltage while in use.


Easy Installation

Its plug-and-play system design makes our solar inverters easy to install and manage.



Simple construction and premium materials result in minimal and effortless periodic maintenance.

How Solar Inverters Work

Take a quick glance at how solar inverters function and how it fits into any solar power setup.

How Solar Inverters Work
  • 1
    Solar energy is properly absorbed from sunlight and converts it into usable electricity.
  • 2
    Store & Power
    Through the use of high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, the solar panels can convert solar energy to usable energy by 22%.
  • 3
    The converted energy, initially coming in as DC power, is changed into AC power, which most appliances use.
  • 4
    Daily Use & Emergency Support
    While effective for daily power consumption, this can also work as an emergency backup for outages with the proper setup.
Solar Inverters

We Supply Various Types of Solar Inverters

The current market offers several types of solar inverters, each befitting a specific application. WHC SOLAR caters to these diverse applications by developing solar inverters to meet these demands, including pure sine wave inverter, modified sine wave inverter, and low-frequency inverter, among others. Tell us​ what your market needs, and we’ll recommend a suitable inverter for you.

Solar Inverter Factory You Can Rely on

As an established solar inverter factory with expansive experience in the field, we have the right production and R&D prowess to deliver what your business requires. We help you develop and manage custom solar inverters based on your material, performance, and budget preferences. Get your project started now.

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Solar Inverters

Competitive Solar Inverters Price

We’re able to provide high-quality yet cost-effective solar inverters through the combination of a reliable supply chain, robust design prowess, and a streamlined production process. We only use materials sourced from the top suppliers in the industry, ensuring superior durability and performance.


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