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Why PWM Controller

Reliable PWM Controller For Solar Applications

There are multiple sizes of PWM Controller in the markets that can meet your need, suitable for Panel charge, solar workstations, and solar system. They can bring more efficient productivity and better security to your solar system.

Your Reliable PWM Controller Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR offers 10A-60A charge controller model,It is well-made, cost-effective, and has high buyer satisfaction, Each of our MPPT controller complies with global standards with high performance and extended life span.

12V / 24V / 48V
200 *127 *53 mm
620g & 740g

Superior Products Make You Thrive

Easy Installation

Very easy to install and give installation instructions for each product.

Flexible Configuration

Can configure our products according to your requirements.

Strong Functional Performance

It has strong functional performance like time display, adopting MCU intelligent control.

Wall-mounted Design

Can be hung on the wall for safety and space saving.

Multi Load Control Mode

There are multi load control mode, such as Normal mode, Sensor mode, Timer mode.

Certification Authority

Through various authoritative certifications, in line with international standards.

Considerate Services Save
Your Trouble

Expect unparalleled services when working with WHC SOLAR. Addressing your concerns and accommodating your needs throughout the purchase of our lead-acid battery.

Months Product Warranty
Years of Know-how
Delivery Day
Services & Support
Prompt Reply

How PWM controller Work

PWM controller is used to charge the battery. It will automatically adjust according to the charging status of the battery.let’s figure out how it works.

  • 1
    Utilizing high-quality monocrystalline silicon cells, the conversion power of our solar panels is up to 22%
  • 2
    PWM controller can transfer into 12V/24V automatically according to battery voltage
  • 3
    Control the photovoltaic panel to charge the battery and Prevent battery overcharging/over discharging.
  • 4
    Our PWM Controller can be used for household electricity,machine room backup power,engineering electricity,solar power station.
PWM 4 1

Multiple Specifications of PWM Controllers We Support

There are multiple sizes of PWM Controller in the markets that can meet your need, 10A to 60A we can provide for you. Each of our PWM Controllers has 32bits CPU that the sampling precision is higher and operation speed is faster. With the multiple sizes available, you can find one that fits your price point and application. Reach out to us now.

We Bring You the Best PWM Controller Solution

We can offer value-regulated PWM Controller that can withstand demanding environments and achieve optimized performance.In addition, our WHC Solar has a team of experienced staff who can provide professional consultation specific PWM Controllers thats suit your requirements and application. Consult us for free.


Conpetitive PWM Controller Prices

WHC Solar has a solid business relationship with the top ten suppliers in the industry, allowing us to form a moture supply chain for high-grade materials at a low cost. By utilizing our experience and knowledge with solar power systems, we ensure a competitive price on PWM Controller.

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