Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Why Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

What is Flexible Solar Panel?

Semi-Flexible Solar Panels is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts proven crystalline silicon solar cell technology and polymer composite material to achieve a new type of PV module that is glass-free, lightweight and thin sheet.

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Solar Panel is a key component to any solar power system, Backed by advanced technologies, our solar panel feature excellent power ratings and top conversion efficiencies, Can Maximum Track The Sun Power. Life of Than 25 Years Use.Suitable for House, Shops,Government Projects ,Etc.

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Shade Resistant

Have bypass diodes on each individual cell, reduce the power loss and hot spots resistance.

High Conversion Efficiency

Up to 16.5% conversion efficiency

Excellent Light Absorption

It absorbs light over the widest spectral range, not only within the visible light spectrum in the same manner.

No Color Difference

Make the panel appearance more artistic.

Less Space In Packing

Lighter thinner film and bendable characters make the panel can be stored in any place.

Easy Installation

Without any brackets or equipment, no penetrations, ballast or racking required.

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Applications of Sem-Flexible Solar Panel

WHC SOLAR Panel are widely used, suitable for your home, shops, also do government projects, Mono Solar Panel can maximum track the sun power. We warranty for 10 years, life expectancy of more than 25 years.

Application of Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Semi-Flexible solar panels are useful for applications like RVs and campers, boating, and outdoor activities like camping or hiking where occasional power is needed. They’re typically used as an alternative to a conventional solar panel when the mounting locations are more complex, such as the curved roof of a vehicle, or when space is the main concern.

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The Advantages Of Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

The biggest advantage of flexible solar panels is that there are more mounting options compared to a traditional solar panel.The smaller size and lower weight of flexible solar panels make them convenient and easy to use in a variety of environments. Unlike full-sized solar panels, you can carry flexible solar panels on the go, and store them with ease

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