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Portable Power Stations

Why Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Anywhere, Anytime

Portable power stations work by integrating a solar panel, charge controller, battery system, and inverter into a compact system to convert solar energy into a usable electrical current. This setup provides consistent off-grid energy over long periods requiring only sunlight.

Your Reliable Power Stations Manufacturer

WHC SOLAR has been in the business of designing and supplying a diverse array of portable power stations for more than 13 years. Focused on offering superior products that will boost your business, we only use premium materials and apply quality control protocols to create portable power stations.

Superior Products Make You Thrive

Green Energy

Not producing any harmful effects, our portable power stations have low emission ratings and use renewable energy sources for power.


The innovative design guarantees minimal noise while in use, making it ideal for residential and commercial locations.


The all-in-one, compact portable power station design offers easy installation and a simple transition from one location to another.


Adopting an integrated design, our portable power stations are small, lightweight, and do not consume a large storage space.



Our power stations can power mini fridges and other small appliances while becoming a reliable backup power source during outages.


Since our portable power stations have no moving parts and use no fuel, there’s no need for constant maintenance.

What Are Portable Power Stations

Composed of a series of customizable aesthetic features and functions, WHC SOLAR power stations are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.

What Are Portable Power Stations
  • 1
    MPPT Controller
    MPPT controller regulates incoming solar power that maintains batteries and prevents overcharging.
  • 2
    Hybrid Inverter
    Converts the direct current (DC) that comes from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) that appliances use.
  • 3
    Bluetooth Speaker
    Customizable bluetooth speakers aid in connecting devices and play audio with crisp, loud sounds.
  • 4
    FM Radio
    The functional FM radio could be included on the power station to provide up-to-date information.
Portable Power Stations

Applications of Portable Power Stations

Versatile and powerful, our portable solar power stations can provide long-term electricity that can be used in homes and camping. If you have specific requirements for your portable solar power stations, let our experts know, and we’ll provide expert solutions to address your demands.

We Bring You the Best Energy Solution

Rely on WHC SOLAR’s superior engineering and production expertise, honed through 13 years of industry experience, to develop the right solar products for your specific demands. We provide you with expertly crafted solar products based on the application, budget, material preferences, and other parameters. Contact our experts today​ for a comprehensive consultation.

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Portable Power Stations

Competitive Portable Power Station Prices

We help you to manage the production and cost of your portable solar power station according to your budget. With access to diverse materials from the top ten suppliers in the industry, you’re sure to get high-quality power stations while staying at a competitive price point.

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