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Our solar lighting systems are stable, eco-friendly choices. While our broad selections give your market much freedom to choose from, we also recommend suitable product combinations. With our industry knowledge. Meanwhile, we offer an installation guide that would assist you throughout the project and enable you to provide better service for your market.

Guide You all the Way from Start to Finish

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Complete Product Category

Our product category ranging from solar street lights to solar home lighting systems to serve many applications.

Specialized Products Recommendation

With 13 years of industry experience, our experts recommend the most suitable products for your application.

Professional Solution

Following your needs, we will provide solutions that improve the productivity of your solar lighting system project.

Considerate Services & Support

We provide installation guide and after-sales support to help set up the solar lighting system.


Inspire by Our Successful Case Studies

Solar Street Light 2
The Best Choice for Projects Street Light

Our customer SMS responsible for many solar street light projects in Tanzania. He has cooperated with …

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Solar Street Light 3
WHC Solar Flood Light Feedback From Philippines Customer

We have a client called Sumalinog in Philippines He sold low quality type of solar flood …

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Solar Street Light 4 1
WHC Solar Street Light Government Projects in Sierra Leone

There is a Sierra Leone customer named Charles, he is responsible for solar street light government …

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